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Get a Jumbo Jumper delivered in 10 days! Due to high covid demand we have ramped up our production abilities.


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Meet The Line Up

Size 5

New Pillow $12,150

Replacement $7,400

34.77 x 47.83

Capacity up to 20

Size 6

New Pillow $13,350

Replacement $7,950

34.77' x 57.5'

Capacity up to 25

Size 7

New Pillow $14,440

Replacement $8,900

34.77' x 67.17'

Capacity up to 30

Size 8

New Pillow $15,550

Replacement $9,450

34.77' x 77.10'

Capacity up to 35

Size 9

New Pillow $16,650

Replacement $11,000

34.77' x 86.17'

Capacity up to 40

Who we are?

After 15 years and 750+ pillow installations, Jumbo Jumper has become the leading provider of permanent air pillows in the agritainment industry and is increasingly growing in popularity with campgrounds and other outdoor venues as well. Our background provides the experience to make sure your Jumbo Jumper functions perfectly. With five air-pillows at our venue in Utah, we are the only company who owns and operates our own pillows..... giving us first hand experience like no other.

Consultation with Jennifer

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What's Included?

When you buy a Jumbo Jumper you will also receive these accessories: Motor, Rock Cover, Manual, Log Book, Safety Sign, Height Sign, Mega Phone with custom recordings and Anchor System!

Unlike our competitors, we pay for and arrange delivery of the lumber, rebar, cement and other items needed for the anchoring system--this saves you thousands of dollars!

5 Primary Colors

Choose between any of the 5 primary colors. Mix and organize the colors in any combination you like.

Jumbo Jumper

Reservation & Accessories

Jumbo Jumper Deposit

Unit price

Jumbo Jumper Shade Cloth Cover

from $800.00
Unit price

Fence Safety Sign

from $60.00
Unit price

Jumbo Jumper Rules Sign

Unit price

Jumbo Jumper Height Sign

Unit price

Megaphone (Auto Play)

Unit price

Shoe Rack

from $1,700.00
Unit price

The Buying Process

1 : Price Lock

Begin by making a Jumbo Jumper Reservation. You can make a reservation by clicking HERE or calling 888-798-0596. Reservations are $1,000-this locks in the price and holds your place in production.

2: Customize

After a reservation is made a member of our team will reach out and help you determine the best size, colors and accessories. We will add your name or logo at no extra cost.

3: Production

Each Jumbo Jumper is made to order. Upon a 50% deposit your Jumbo Jumper will go into production. This process can take up to two weeks.

4: Shipping

Your Jumbo Jumper kit will ship from Salt Lake City, Utah. Supplies and other items needed for installation will ship from a local hardware store.

5: Installation

Our team will arrive at your location for installation. Installation is $1,750 plus travel. You can save money by installing when our crew will be in your area. You can also install the Jumbo Jumper on your own with our self-install instructions.

Why Jumbo Jumper?

Rated #1 Agritainment Attraction

Installing pillows at agritainment farms, campgrounds and other venues since 2007, our Jumbo Jumpers have grown immensely in popularity and now rank as a #1 attraction on farms.

Entertain All Ages

One of the best things about the Jumbo Jumper is that it entertains guests big and small, old and young. While we do recommend seperating jumpers by size for safety reasons, your Jumbo Jumper is one attraction sure to entertain the whole family.

Low Labor Costs

With labor costs being a top expense for all of us, there's no doubt how important it is to add entertainment value while keeping labor as low as possible. Your Jumbo Jumper pillow is a perfect solution, requiring minimal employees to operate it safely.

Low Maintenance

Our goal is to do the hard work and make your job as easy as possible. Once our experienced team installs your pillow, maintenance from that point on is minimal. Your air pillow will come with a safety manual that outlines the steps to maintain your Jumbo Jumper, making it as simple as 1-2-3.

Jumbo Jumper In Action

Watch this Size 7 Jumbo Jumper entertain visitors at Cornbelly's in Lehi, Utah.

Our Favorite Features

Learn about the features that set Jumbo Jumper apart from the rest!


Only air pillow that is licensed in all 50 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces, due to our safety and engineered design.

Stamped Drawings

We'll provide stamped, engineered blueprints for permitting and to reduce legal ramifications if an accident did occur.

Anchoring System

Unique anchoring system like no other(no need for new ropes on a re-install 10-15 years later, allowing for a tighter install with less digging)

No Steel

No steel in underground anchoring that can be expensive to purchase and deteriorate over time.

NFPA 701

Only pillow product with an NFPA 701 fire retardant rating.


Premium UV non-slip material that is custom made for this application only.

Hard Water

Unique installation method to prevent hard water spots that potentially damage the pillow over time when deflated.


Most detailed owner's manual that is being used by several states as the inspection standard.

NJ & PA Licensed

Because of our safety features, the Jumbo Jumper is the only air pillow legally licensed in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Safety and rules signs  that reduce liability and communicate rules.


Pre-recorded audio safety narrations to further reduce liability and enforce rules.


A custom-made breathable cover is available and recommended during your off-season to protect your pillow.

Logo & Colors

Choose from 5 colors & even add a custom logo to personalize your pillow at no additional charge (potentially secure a sponsor to pay for part of pillow)

Hundreds of Pillows

We've installed more than 850 air pillows currently in operation at farms, campgrounds and other venues across the United States, Canada and England.


Receive customer service from a farmer and owner/operator with 5 of his own pillows currently in use.


Because sometimes bigger is better, you'll get a little extra fun with our size 7 pillow, which is 6% larger than other comparable pillows on the market.

Customer Map

Take a look below at the locations of our Jumbo Jumpers!

We LOVE our 2 giant Jumbo Jumper air pillows at the South Texas MAiZE!! Our first was installed about 8 years ago and has been so popular that we installed the second pillow. The installation crew did a great job, working in a very diligent and efficient manner. We are ver! pleased with their hard work and the great customer service we have received!

— Ken and Laurie Graff | South Texas MAiZE

We have just completed our first summer at Camp Greenville with the Jumbo

Jumper. It was by far the most popular addition!

— Cory Harrison | YMCA Camp Greenville

Brett and his team operate with complete integrity and they CARE! In 2007-2008 we purchased 2 giant air pillows from a competitor (which was installed by them as well), and we were very dissatisfied. We called on Brett's team to re-install the one Jumping Pillow®, (which had been installed wrong). The other pillow only lasted four years, much less than the competitor told us. So in 2011 we purchased a replacement from Brett and have been very satisfied. We highly recommend doing business with Brett and his Jumbo Jumper team.

— Jack Coleman Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

We are a campground and the Jumbo Jumper has been one of the greatest addition to our facilities. Our campground is filled with laughter and screams as the Jumbo Jumper brings the kid out in everyone who uses it. The team was amazing from the start of our project and helped us meet our deadline. They were friendly and courteous to work with on the install. If you are contemplating adding a Jumbo Jumper to your venue, stop thinking about it and just do it!

— T.J. Skiles | Mountain Pointe Camp

Next Level

Take your Jumbo Jumper to the next level with turf and shade covers.


Here are a few commonly asked questions...