Pirate Tower
Pirate Tower
Pirate Tower
Pirate Tower

Pirate Tower

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It’s all hands on deck for fun with the NetPlay Pirate Tower! With rigging, ladders, and loop ropes, children can challenge themselves to make their way to the crow’s nest or find fun below deck. Nets are placed in specific play areas. On opposing sides, the classic grid like netting leads to a squared “deck” of ropes. On the remaining sides are two curtains of ropes that create a cradle for children to relax in.

Designed with imaginative play in mind, children will spend hours seeking out new adventures and buried treasure as they sail the seas. Constructed out of steel and polyester, this climber is sure to last.

 Installation Instructions

  • 2 horizontal nets

  • 1 climbing rope

  • 2  angled climbing nets

  • 4 loop ropes

  • 2 lounge nets

  • 1 lookout platform

  • 2 horizontal ladders

  • 4 suspension ropes



Installed Height:  205 inches

Fall Height: 108 inches

Use Zone:  292 x 241 inches

Age Group: 5-12 years

Capacity: 25