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Size 20' Spider Web Combo

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The idea is not particularly new but this model has several unique features that you will surely like. Firstly, this product has been given more thickness in rope size to give it an 'Esthetic Impact' and the larger rope size makes it easier for the little ones to navigate.  'Easy Adjustment' to tighten when necessary. This product is manufactured right here in the USA. 

■ Rope is made of 1.25" Promanilla polypropylene UV stabilized rope which is used extensively in the aquatic industry.
■ All rope used in the Spider Web is lead sage and contains no Latex.
■ Spider Web comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Rope colors available: sand or black

Netting colors available: black, sand, green, blue or red

Installation of your Spider Web is easy - you simply need to install eight treated posts and tie the rope to each post. After the first few days of use you may need to tighten the rope, as new rope may stretch. You can determine the height of your Spider Web by simply adjusting the rope on the post or installing a taller or shorter post.

Size 20' Spider Web Combo

Size 20' Spider Web Combo