Spider Pyramid 6-4
Spider Pyramid 6-4
Spider Pyramid 6-4

Spider Pyramid 6-4

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With intricate multi-directional grip capacity and a strategic internal rope network, NetPlay's Spider Pyramids offer a truly exciting and age-variable addition to any playscape while providing clear sight-lines and advanced safety.

The colorful square and rectangular meshes of
the climbers are the perfect focal point for any playground. These 3-D play structures allow children of all ages to use their imaginations. Kids learn
to take risks while climbing, soaring, and engaging
in open play.

Installation Instructions


  • 8 inch diameter steel post with cap

  • Rubber sitting platforms

  • Made with 18 mm NetformTM, comfort-grip surface rope

  • Supportive climbing


Installed Height:  252 inches

Fall Height: 72 inches

Use Zone:  489 x 489 inches

Age Group: 5-12 years

Capacity: 34