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Size 12' Spider Web Combo

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The Original Spider Web is a hit with kids of all ages and adults!  It is fun to climb on and lounge in.  Made of 1¼ inch ProManila rope it really has an 'Esthetic Impact', and the larger rope size makes it easier for little hands to grip and navigate. This product is manufactured right here in the USA. 

Rope is made of 1 1/4" ProManila which is constructed of high-tenacity co-polymer olefin fibers that yield a rope that is 30 to 35% stronger than standard rope. It is used extensively in the aquatic industry. It will not rot and has a smooth surface.
■ All rope used in the Spider Web contains no Latex.
■ Spider Web comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

The Spider Web Combo comes with a ProManila ropes base and top netting attached.

ProManila rope base is available in sand or black

Netting colors available in black, sand, green, blue or red

Installation of your Spider Web is easy - you simply need to install eight treated posts and tie the rope to each post. After the first few days of use you may need to tighten the rope, as new rope may stretch. You can determine the height of your Spider Web by simply adjusting the rope on the post or installing a taller or shorter post.  Take down and store in the off-season to extend the life of your Original Spider web.

Size 12' Spider Web Combo

Size 12' Spider Web Combo